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When booking with us, we like to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Because of this, we are upfront with exactly what you will need to book one of our exquisite cars.


Once you gather all your documentation and have met the requirements, you are all set to drive away with your dream car. Check out our requirements below to ensure you can rent a luxury car with us.


To proceed with your booking, drivers must be age 25 or older and provide documentation of the following requirements:


  • Driving licence (front and back)

  • DVLA licence check code

  • Proof of address (2 letters)


We also require that the drivers of the vehicle have:


  • A Full UK driving licence (held for at least 2 years)

  • No previous driving bans

  • Not more than one fault accident in the past 10 years

  • No more than 6 penalty points on current licence

  • No criminal record relating to automobile crime (e.g. theft)


We can cater to non-UK licences, for more information please contact us.


Please generate your DVLA licence check code here:

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